Discounted Fixed Fee Case Review

Our primary aim is to get results for our clients. The private prosecution team includes qualified solicitors and barristers whom have in-depth experience of criminal private prosecutions against both individuals and companies.

We offer all clients a heavily discounted initial consultation (to take place either in person in our professional chambers in London or via video or teleconference) where our team reviews your papers and the evidence and assesses the potential next steps in your individual matter.

The cost of the initial consultation is our minimum fee of £1,500 plus VAT, which is heavily discounted for the time our solicitors & barristers spend reviewing your case both before and during the consultation.

If you are searching for an advice on whether you have the grounds for a private prosecution, we offer you a bespoke service to analyse the merits of any potential claim. We cannot give any free advice.

Recoverability of Costs

A successful private prosecutor can potentially be entitled to recover costs from either the state or from the defendant however you should have funds to pay for the work in the first instance or the case will not progress.

Costs from the state

Pursuant to section 17 POA 1985, costs for a Crown Court trial can be recovered regardless of whether the defendant is convicted. Reasonable expenses properly incurred by a prosecutor can be recoverable. However, if the CPS take control of an investigation, expenses can only be claimed for before the CPS started to handle the case. The Court in R (Virgin Media Ltd) v Zinga [2014] 1 Cr App R2 helpfully articulated the correct approach to awarding state costs.

Costs from the defendant:

Pursuant to section 18 POA 1985, the court can order a convicted defendant to pay towards a private prosecutor’s costs. Costs will only be considered by a Court after an order has been made on compensation or confiscation.

Under the Costs in Criminal Proceedings Practice Direction (CrimPD Costs), the Private Prosecution Service can serve on the defence a full costs breakdown. However, the defence is also entitled under section 19 POA 1985 to seek to recover costs if they have incurred costs due to an improper act or omission (R v City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court [2017] EWHC 232 (Admin)).

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Instruct Specialist Private Prosecution Lawyers

We are a specialist City of London law firm made up of Solicitors & Barristers operating from the only law firm based in the Middle Temple Inns of Court adjacent to the Royal Courts of Justice. Our specialist Private Prosecution Solicitors and Barristers deliver expert technical knowledge, the utmost expertise, top state prosecution contacts, strong negotiations skills and respected advice, which can make a pronounced difference in criminal or civil proceedings and subsequent tracing, compensation, confiscation, custodial penalties or enforcement.

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