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Police or CPS let you down? Privately pay our PPS Solicitors & Barristers to assess the merits of your private criminal prosecution case and get you justice (including civil recovery of stolen assets) ☎ 02071830529

Private Crime Prosecutors

Our London-based solicitors & barristers are paid by our clients to privately prosecute criminal misconduct on behalf of individuals, businesses and government organisations. Our team of highly experienced prosecutors are all legally qualified in England and Wales with full rights to appear before the highest criminal courts such as the Old Bailey.

The ‘Private Prosecution Service’ (PPS instead of CPS) is lead by privately paid lawyers, including Leading Counsel, that deliver expert technical criminal procedure knowledge, the utmost expertise, top state prosecution contacts, strong negotiations skills and respected criminal law advice. This can make a pronounced difference in criminal or civil proceedings and subsequent tracing, compensation, confiscation, custodial penalties or enforcement.

Why Pay Privately for Prosecution?

Usually the relevant law enforcement authority the Police Force and/or the Crown Prosecution Service (the CPS) have declined to investigate or bring a prosecution on behalf of the Queen (the Crown). Often this is not because the prosecution itself is not worthy but because of the need for the Police / Crown to prioritise financial resources especially non-violent financial crime which can be classed as a ‘civil matter’.

A private prosecution can often result in what would be lengthy civil action being settled quickly with the wrongdoer party threatened with a criminal summons agreeing to repay monies or return valuable assets.

The PPS is one of the United Kingdom’s only boutique law practices that specialises in all aspects of private prosecution and related corporate criminal investigations. Few legal firms operating in the UK have our level of expertise in this emerging area. We can assess your case carefully at the outset and help you decide on a financial recovery plan as well as obtaining justice where you or your business has been wronged.

We are the only boutique law practice specialising in private prosecution that incorporates both barristers and solicitors. Situated in the Honourable Society of Middle Temple (one of the four Inns of Court), adjacent to the Royal Courts of Justice and short walk from the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey).

Legally assess your prosecution case

Just fill out our simple enquiry form; it goes to the PPS legal team in Middle Temple, London. Fixed Fee charged for initial advice*+442071830529

Instruct our PPS Lawyers to get you justice

Our dual-qualified Solicitor & Barrister team assess your case at the outset. We will then quickly determine the merits and prospect of any private prosecution and then also advise you on how to obtain justice and/or financial compensation.


Qualified lawyers at the only law firm with chambers in the Middle Temple (a Barristers’ Inn of Court) in the City of London


Our barristers & solicitors have an excellent track record in private criminal matters and obtaining financial recovery.


Our Private Prosecution solicitors & barristers offer regulated, independent & confidential legal advice

We have a track record of success in all aspects of private prosecution and related corporate criminal investigations. PPS delivers expert technical knowledge, the utmost expertise, top state prosecution contacts, strong negotiations skills and respected advice.

Our typical cases have a value of several hundred thousand pounds, and have particular expertise in financial fraud cases. Our experience and advice will help guide you on the ideal legal strategy to obtain justice.

We are the only expert law practice specialising in private prosecution that incorporates both solicitors and barristers. Few legal firms operating in the UK have our level of expertise in private prosecution advice and strategy.

We recommend that you let us, as experts, handle your matter. Here’s why:

  • reduce failure risk from attempting to manage and understand complex private prosecution case law or criminal procedural rules and laws yourself;
  • expert assistance and advice which can obtain an optimal result; and
  • dedicated specialists which results in a faster solution to your problem.

Areas of Expertise:

We regularly undertake criminal private prosecution work in these core areas:


Expert advice and practice in deducing the quality of available evidence and bringing private prosecutions for fraud where the CPS or Serious Fraud Office (SFO) have not acted.


We regularly deal with complex, large and difficult confiscation proceedings in the criminal courts under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, Criminal Finances Act 2017, Anti Money Laundering regulations and the previous statutory regimes.


We are experts in working alongside top investigators to gather admissible evidence for a successful prosecution. Our team have experience in assisting victims of: cybercrime, false adverse possession claims; sexual assault; harassment; blackmail; criminal damage.


Regularly advice corporate clients that have not been assisted by the CPS or council Trading Standards Department. We will protect your brand and your copyright by privately prosecuting counterfeiters.


Perjury and perverting the course of justice are issues that we have experience with. For example, lying on oath; false allegations; dishonesty and false adverse possession claims.

Private Prosecution FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions from clients about private prosecutions:

Why should I bring a private prosecution?

Want legal advice on the merits of your case?

Your enquiry is sent direct to our private prosecution team in Temple, London. Minimum fee charged for initial advice* ☎ 02071830529

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